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SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Balkan Dagger Kard


SOLD Antique 19th century Turkish Ottoman Balkan dagger Kard.

Details: A solid cast brass hilt profusely decorated in low relief, with flowering foliage and scrollwork, a straight single – edged steel blade, a forte encased on each side with shaped brass panels, chiseled with scrolling foliage. In its original cast brass scabbard, decorated en suite with the hilt, with a loop and chain for suspension.

The style and workmanship of this dagger is alike to Ottoman Balkan miquelet all-metal stock pistols (KUBUR).

REFERENCES: 1) “The Arms of Greece and Her Balkan Neighbors in the Ottoman Period” by Robert Elgood. 2) Alike daggers are published in the book “Balkan Arms: balkanske čakije i nožev “by Tarik Kožo.

CONDITION: Signs of usage and wear.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length in the scabbard: 30.2 cm (11 7/8 in).

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