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SOLD Antique Russian Cossack Caucasian Dagger sword Kindjal 19th c


SOLD Authentic Antique 19th century Large Russian Cossack's / Caucasian dagger Kindjal. DETAILS: A waisted hilt with a dark horn grip-scales, with chased nielloed silver mounts, a broad tapering double-edged blade cut with a pair of slender fullers, in its original wooden scabbard covered in black leather with a large nielloed silver chape and locket, with a suspension mount chased in low relief with niello arabesque and foliage en suite with the hilt mounts. The inner face of the locket is hallmarked with the Imperial Russian assay office mark "84" zolotnics, and a silversmith mark with a Cyrillic initial.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length with the scabbard: 56 cm (22 in), the length without the scabbard: 52 cm (20 1/2 in), length of the blade: 39.5 cm (15 1/2 in).

CONDITION: An old soldering repair on the chape, the blade is with wear and pitting, and a small vertical scar (please see the picture), worn with signs of usage, which can be expected from an antique over 100 year old combat weapon.

This type of Kindjal was the favorite weapon of the Kuban and Don Cossacks, and was also very popular among many Caucasian nations.

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