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SOLD Antique Qajar Persian Cossack Islamic Sword Shashka after Russian Dragoon Saber


SOLD Antique, circa 1900 A.D. Persian Islamic sword, shashka, patterned after the 1881 Russian Dragoon saber, shashka, carried by the Persian Qajar cavalry Cossack Brigade.

Details: A slightly curved single edged steel blade with a wide full-length fuller edge, stamped on one side of the forte with Arabic numbers. A regulation brass stirrup hilt and downcurved rear quillon, with the loop for the tassel and a spirally carved wooden grip. The brass pommel is struck with matching Arabic numbers, as on the blade. The sword comes with its original, oxidized, steel scabbard with suspension ring. The mouthpiece and the shoe stamped with matching numbers.

CONDITION: The sword is in remarkable untouched original condition, with signs of age and usage, except for minor crack on the quillon, near the tassel loop, most likely caused by the strike of another sword. Free of any type of restorations or repairs.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length, with the scabbard: 98 cm (38 1/2 in), the length of the sword, without the scabbard: 94.5 cm (37 1/4 in).

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