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SOLD Antique Pre-Columbian Bahía Culture 500 BC–500 AD ceramic Shaman Figure


SOLD Antique Pre-Columbian Bahía Culture (500 BC – 500 AD) polychrome ceramic figure representing a richly bejeweled Shaman sitting cross-legged, holding a Poporo and a Spatula, probably for lime or coca, wearing intricate headdress, segmented necklace around his neck. An elongated face with lowered eyes, big nose adorned with nose ring.

CONDITION: In its original condition, arms broken and glued, left hand near Poporo broken and glued. Some minor chips in several places which can be expected from an authentic, approximately 2000 years old, ceramic figure.

DIMENSIONS: Height: 31.5 cm (12 3/8 in). Width at the widest point: 16 cm (6 1/4 in).

REFERENCES: This rare figure comes from a Canadian collection of Pre-Columbian Art which the previous owner had purchased many years ago in a reputable French auction from a catalogue sale of pre-Columbian and Tribal Art. A copy of the page from the mentioned catalogue is attached to the listing. The original catalogue is in our possession and will be provided to the buyer together with a certificate of authenticity. Another comparable Bahia Culture figure with similar headdress is in the collection of the Spanish Museum of the Americas in Madrid.

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