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SOLD Antique Polish Cavalry sword Non-Commissioned Officer Sabre (Szabla podoficerska) wz. 1921/22


SOLD Rare Antique Polish Cavalry Non-commissioned officer’s cavalry combat sword, (Szabla podoficerska) model wz. 1921/22

Details: A characteristic regulation nickel platted brass stirrup hilt comprised of a solid knuckle bow, with a pair of langets, downbend rear quillon, and a plain back-strap retaining its original black lacquered leather covered wooden grip and bound with double twisted brass wire. The cross guard is stamped underneath on the back and the front of the blade with the number 5. The massive curved single edged steel blade is cut with a full-length fuller and is double-edged towards the point, as well as being engraved with the Polish eagle, flowers and foliage, and the motto, "HONOR I OJCZYZNA”, translation in English, “Honor and Country”. The blade is stamped on the spine with the number 212 possibly an inspector mark of military reception. Beside these numbers there are also slight visible remains of some writhing which have been removed for some reason. The ricasso of the inner side of the blade under the langet is a stamped mark which looks like the number 9, there are no other visible markings on the blade except this marking.

Some of the combat swords wz .1921 from the collection of the Lubuskie Muzeum Wojskowe w Zielonej Górze z/s w Drzonowie are published in the catalog of the exhibition “Honor i Ojczyzna": szable polskie II Rzeczpospolitej” they also do not have a maker name but only an inspector numbers.

The Polish cavalry Non-commissioned officer cavalry combat swords, model wz. 1921/22 are extremely rare compared to other versions of the swords of the pattern wz. 1921/22 including the regular Polish officer dress sword model wz. 1921/22 with brass hilt. They are a great rarity in museums and private collections.

This statement is based on my 45 years of experience from collecting and selling antique arms and armour including antique Polish edge weapons.

Provenance: This sword comes together with other antique Polish arms and armour from an old Canadian collection of Polish antiques and art including antique Polish arms and armour.

We had attached to the listing a picture of the swords in this collection which we had taken at the time of the purchasing of this collection, showing this sword together with other swords: the third sword from the top.

To see other rare objects from this collection including swords please view our store’s contents.


Overall length: 95.5 cm (37 19⁄32 inches)

Length of the blade: 82 cm (32 9⁄32 inches)

Width of the blade at the widest point: 3.6 cm (1 27⁄64 inches)

CONDITION: The sword is in its original condition as it was found, with no repairs or restorations

Blade of the sword is in very good conditions with beautiful crisp etchings, some parts of the blade have minor stains.

The hilt is in very good condition, the leather bind and wire wrapping is intact. The nickel platted brass hilt has nicks and scratches. The back-strap has minor dents at the top near the screw. The nickel-plating on the hilt is slightly flaking and worn. All of this is an aspect from a used antique combat sword that is almost 100-years-old. Please see the photos as they are a part of the description.


1.Polska bron. Bron biala by Andrzej Nadolski

2. Honor i Ojczyzna": szable polskie II Rzeczpospolitej”Lubuskie Muzeum Wojskowe w Zielonej Górze z/s w Drzonowie Provenance: This sword comes together with other antique Polish arms and armour from an old Canadian collection of Polish antiques and art including antique Polish arms and armour.

3. Od Rokitny do Borujska. Szable kawalerii polskiej 1915-1945 ze zbiorów Adama Lubomira Woźniaka by Włodzimierz Kwaśniewic & Adam Lubomir Wozniak.

Buyer will be provided with a copy of the pages from the mentioned references, together with the certificate of authenticity

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