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SOLD Antique Philippine Dagger Sword Talibon


SOLD Antique 19th century Philippine battle dagger sword Talibon with a recurved steel blade, stone polished over forged surface, flat on the inner side, the outer side with a beveled edge. A hardwood hilt with expanded pommel, shaped as a highly stylized bird head, finely carved with its typical geometrical tribal pattern, in its original hardwood scabbard, with a carved small loop for suspension, and decorated en suite with the hilt.


1) “A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor” by George Cameron Stone.

2) “Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago” Albert G. Van Zonneveld.

CONDITION: In good condition overall with minor wear. Fine age patina with signs of usage. This is a good example of a Talibon main battle dagger –short sword of the Christian tribes of the Northern Philippines.

MEASUREMENTS: The overall length without the scabbard is approximately: 41.3cm (16 1/4 in). Length of the blade approximately: 28.5cm (11 1/4 inches).

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