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SOLD Antique Oceanic Papua New Guinea War Club or Ceremonial War Paddle


SOLD An extremely fine authentic Antique Oceanic Papua New Guinea large war club or ceremonial war paddle made of a dark brown hardwood rising from a rounded shaft, and flaring to an elongated leaf shaped spatulate blade, each side carved in low relief with a characteristic for this region stylized faces of typical elongated form with large sagittate nose, circular eyes, and crescent shaped lips, the finial of the shaft bountifully carved with the head of an Alligator.

It was made by very primitive stone tools, as determined by the irregular marks left on the surface of the wood.

Condition: In good condition except for the broken tip of the leaf. The wood has a beautiful old natural glossy patina.

PROVENANCE: From an old Canadian collection of Tribal Art acquired by the owner's grandfather before WWII.

DIMENSIONS: Overall length: 213.5 cm (84.5 in). Length of the blade: 50.8 cm (20 in).Width of the blade 14 cm (5 1/2 in).

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