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SOLD Antique Meiji period Japanese Sword Ken Wakizashi with Horimono


SOLD Antique,over 100 years old, Meiji period, Japanese short sword," Wakizashi," with beautiful double edge Ken blade of diamond section with medial ridge (possibly older then the mountings) chased on one side with dragon Horimono, and on the other side with flaming jewel Horimono, plain partly rusty tang, pierced with one mekugi-ana,the hilt and the scabbard constructed from several elements of Embossed brass, with the wooden insert adorned with numerous Tokugawa shoguns Aoi Mon.

CONDITION: Surface scratches, spots with minor pitting, edges of the blade slightly worn from an old sharpening with some nicks, missing Habaki. On the one side of the upper part of the scabbard are two holes and signs of soldering on the sites.

MEASUREMENTS (approximately):

Overall length of the sword sheathed in the scabbard: 47.3 cm (18 5/8 in.

Length of the blade including tang: 38.5 cm (15 1/8 in).

The cutting length of the blade: 30.7 cm (12 1/8 in).

Width of the blade at the tang: 29mm (1.14173 in)

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