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SOLD Antique Japanese Samurai Sword Wakizashi With Naginata Form Blade


SOLD Authentic Antique Koto period Japanese Samurai sword, Wakizashi with a naginata form blade with copper habaki in its Sira Saya storage case.

DETAILS: Curved blade cut with a short groove, the unsigned tang of the blade, with deep, dark black rust, is pierced with two holes.

CONDITION: In its original condition as was found. The blade is pitted all over, with slightly visible, in some sections, temper line (hamon) and watering grain pattern in the steel.

This blade has no flaws or cracks. The blade is straight, has no bends, cracks, or flaws. Extremely sharp cutting edge with some minor nicks.

MEASUREMENTS, (approximately):

The overall length of the Sira Saya storage case is: 62.5 cm (24 5/8 in).

The overall length of the blade with the tang is 54 cm (21 1/4 in).

The cutting length of the blade: 42.2 cm (16 5/8 in).

Width of the blade: 3 cm (1.1811 inch).

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