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SOLD Antique Islamic Indo Persian Indian Moghul Dagger Jambiya 18th - 19th century India


SOLD Antique Islamic Indo Persian Indian Moghul dagger Jambiya,18th - 19th century India. Details:A steel hilt of unusual form, finely inlaid in silver floral Koftgary, with sturdy double-edged curved steel blade with two shallow fullers, medial ridge and keened point used for piercing through the rings of a coat of chainmail. In its wood scabbard covered in crimson velvet.


Overall length in the scabbard: 35.5 cm (14 inches)

Overall length without the scabbard: 32 cm (12.5 inches)

CONDITION: The dagger is in good condition considering its age. The blade is pitted over its surface, but the pitted pattern on the surface of the blade is similar to the fine wootz pattern so it is possible that the blade is made of Damascus steel wootz. To make the Damascus pattern clearly visible the blade must be polished.

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