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SOLD Antique Arab silver mounted Islamic Arabic Dagger Jambiya


SOLD Antique early 20th century Arab silver mounted Islamic Arabic dagger Jambiya with a curved double-edged blade formed with a medial ridge, with silver mounted horn hilt with an elaborate repousse ferrule, and chased with designs of scrolling vegetation. The wooden scabbard is covered by woven silver with a repousse locket, and chased en suite with the hilt ferrule. The middle of the scabbard is fitted with four brass belt loops for suspension.

Height with the scabbard: 29 cm (11 3/8 in).

Condition: in good condition and shape considering its age, with signs of age and usage patina.

REFERENCES: a) "The Arms and Armour of Arabia in 18th-19th and 20 centuries" by Robert Elgood. b) "Les Armes Blanches du Monde Islamique" by Alain Jacob.

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