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SOLD Antique 19th century Qing Dynasty Chinese Seven Star Sword Jian


SOLD Antique late 18th - early 19th century, Qing Dynasty, Chinese short sword Jian with hand forged double edged sturdy steel blade of diamond section with seven round copper inserts, representing the seven star Big Dipper constellation. The brass shaped pommel and cross guard decorated with taotie zoomorphic mask with a wooden grip. In its original wooden scabbard covered with greenish celadon color Ray skin - Shagreen with brass chiselled mounts.

CONDITION: Age and usage is showing, some chips cracks to the Ray skin - Shagreen, cracks in the wood grip.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length of the sword sheathed in the scabbard: 59.7 cm (23 1/2 in), the Overall length without the scabbard: 55.5 cm (21 7/8 in).

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