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SOLD Antique 19th century Burmese/Thai Silver Dagger Dha Daarb Dah


SOLD A very fine quality antique 19th century Silver mounted South East Asia Burmese or Thai dagger Dha - Daarb, Dah.
The wooden scabbard and handle completely covered with silver, adorned with 18 silver filigree bands and 5 ornaments. Razor sharp single edge steel blade with spear point

The Dha is the national sword of Burma and Siam- Thailand, but also used by nearby countries.

CONDITION: in Very good condition, showing age and usage, with untouched patina on the silver.


Overall length: 26.7 cm (1033⁄64 inches)

Overall length without the scabbard: 23 cm (9. 06 inches)

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