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SOLD Antique 18th-19th century Turkoman – Turkmen Islamic dagger Bichaq Bukhara


SOLD Antique 18th-19th century rare Turkoman – Turkmen Islamic dagger Bichaq from the famous Central Asian city Bukhara, previously in Turkistan and today in Uzbekistan.

DETAILS: A large slightly curved single – edged blade of characteristic form made of a very fine Damascus steel wootz, mounted with two grips-scales retained by rivets mounted in white metal fittings (possibly silver) decorated with niello foliage and scrolls.

Bukhara weapons are extremely rare compared to the Turkish, Indian, Persian, or Caucasian, this region was not heavily populated and the warrior aristocracy was a very small percentage of the population. The Bukhara arms are hardly ever seen in Russian museums.

REFERENCES: A similar dagger is in the famous Henri Moser collection of Islamic arms and armour in Charllotenfels, Switzerland and had been collected during his travel in the 19th century through central Asia.” Orientalische Sammlung” Henri Moser,

Charlottenfels, im Bernischen historischen Museum, “Islamic Arms and Armour” edited by Robert Elgood, “Some nineteenth-century arms from Bukhara” by Torben W. Flindt page 20-29.

MEASUREMENTS: The overall length is 35.5 cm (14 in).
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