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SOLD Ancient Chinese Ceramic Camel Tang Dynasty


SOLD Authentic Antique Chinese, ancient Terracotta pottery figure of the Bactrian camel, Tang Dynasty period (618-907 AD). A number of the most beautiful works of Chinese art were excavated over centuries from the tombs. The ancient Chinese people had well ordered rituals associated with burial and a strong belief in the influence of ancestral spirits on their lives. Ancient Chinese tomb figures symbolize wealth and prosperity in the afterlife served as an appeasement for ancestral spirits to ensure their comfort in the next life: a continuation of this life.

DETAILS: Well modeled, standing with its head raised, long curving neck and twin humps. During the Tang Dynasty the popularity of the camel as a funerary object increased dramatically. Camels became a regular feature in the cities and towns along the Silk Road and came to symbolize wealth through the trade goods they carried on their backs and the Bactrian two-humped camel has become associated with the tomb sculpture of the Tang Dynasty.

CONDITION: the camel is in good condition considering its age except for one leg was broken and repaired, fading colour, abrasions and small chips.

MEASUREMENTS: Height: 38 cm (15 in). Length: 30 cm (12 in).
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