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SOLD Set of Two Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Daggers 18th century


SOLD Rare set of two Antique 18th century Turkish Ottoman Islamic daggers. DETAILS: The hilts are of cylindrical form, made of several individual pieces of very high quality rust-brown tone Jade, with a fine granular texture, and inlaid in gold with stylized palmettes and zig-zag band motifs, with a pommel and base in a turban form, enclosed by short horn cross- guards. Curved double –edged blades of Damascus steel, formed with a medial ridge, damascening on both sides of the forte, in gold koftgari with a scrolling motif.

In its unusual scabbard formed of turtle shell, and parchment terminating to an iron spike as an additional weapon.

Please note that the hilts of the daggers are made of rust-brown tone jade, not green Jade-Nephrite. Most of the jade hilted Islamic daggers, including Turkish or Mughal, have hilts carved from green Jade - Nephrite. This hilt is made of high quality rust-brown tone Jade, which is very rare, so the stone was traded as an expensive precious stone in small pieces, instead of big chunks as green nephrite, that is the reason why the hilt is made of several pieces.

MEASUREMENTS: The overall length in the scabbard is 35 cm (13 3/4 inches).

CONDITION: One of the horn quillon broken of, the cylindrical jade on the center is chipped.

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