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SOLD Scarce Antique 18th century Turkish Ottoman Islamic Balkan Axe Greek or Albanian


SOLD Scarce Antique 18th century Turkish Ottoman Balkan axe, possibly Greek or Albanian, with a hand forged Damascus steel blade, wooden haft bound with twisted rope and rattan, set with brass domed studs . Silver band decorated in repousse with typical Ottoman scrollwork design, frequently used to decorate the Yatagans scabbards and Balkan guns and pistols.

This type of axe was a powerful weapon; the sharp slim blade can easily go through like a knife, the long haft Increases the force of impact and since the blade is not very heavy, a warrior in combat can swing the axe for a long period without difficulty. Such a weapon in the hand of a professional fighter was more effective and dangerous than the sword.

CONDITION: In good condition with nice age patina.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 88 cm (34 5/8 in). Overall length of the steel head: 13 cm (5 1/8 in).
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