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SOLD Russian Kasli Iron Sculpture Cossack The Farewell Kiss after Lansere


SOLD An extremely well modeled and superbly executed, with stunning details, a Russian black-painted iron sculpture, "The farewell kiss," after a model by “Lansere Evgeny Alexandrovich (1848-1886),” depicting a Cossack on horseback in a traditional Cuban Cossack uniform. Wearing on his head a distinctive tall fur hat," Papaha," a rifle wrapped in a canvas case on his back and a sword,"Shashqa," hanging from his belt. He is lifting up his girl to give her a farewell kiss.

The first cast iron sculptures of this renowned figure were created in 1912 by the famous Russian manufacture Kasli which continued to make these sculptures periodically in limited edition, in the time of the USSR. Due to the great popularity of this subject, some of these figures were copied by small workshops in low quality casting, with poor details and in various dimensions.

This particular sculpture is an authentic high quality art work of the Kasli foundry and is marked on the back of the base with cartouche inscribed in Russian: "Kasli 1980" and the second cartouche with the Cyrillic writing: “Sdelano v SSSR”. (Made in USSR).

This well modelled figure, to achieve such fine details, was made from several elements and then put together. The base, horse and the figure of a Cossack with his sweetheart are cast separately, also the sword, sword belt, rifle, stirrups, stirrup straps and the reins are made separately.

Please note that most iron figures on the market, exposed as made by the Kasli foundry, are without a foundry signature or a weakly visible signature are not authentic. This particular Sculpture is an authentic Kasli artwork, with the well visible Cyrillic foundry mark and the date.

To find more information about the Kasli foundry please see the links below.

DIMENSIONS: Height: 41cm (16 1/8 in). Dimensions of the base: 35.3 cm x 17 cm (13 7/8 in x 6 5/8 in).

Weight: 10 kg (20 pounds).

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