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SOLD Rare Authentic Antique Polish Officer Cavalry Sword Sabre Model WZ.1917


SOLD Rare authentic antique Polish officer cavalry sword model wz.1917. This model of the sword is the first model of polish cavalry sword designed in 20th century when Poland regained its sovereignty and restored independence after 123 years of being divided amongst the three neighbouring powers. This model of the sabre was Used by Polish cavalry during victorious Polish-Soviet war (1919-1921).

DETAILS: A three-bar hilt guard with down-curving gullion and langets, back piece with Polish, military pattern, eagle crowned with a closed crown, its wings raised and its head turned to the right, perched on an Amazon shield, surmounted at the top by the pommel finial in the form of a rosette button, and a wooden ribbed grip covered in leather and wrapped in brass wire. The hilt deeply stamped on the outer side of the crossguard in an ellipse, MORAWSKI Ska w Warszawie.

A long, massive, curved steel blade cut on each face with fuller, stamped on the forte of the inner side of the blade on the Ricasso near the langet by G. Borowski w Warszawie. Unfortunately, since the blade is slightly pitted and worn-out from cleaning the signature is only partly visible.


1.Szabel nam nie zabraknie. Bron biala zołnierza polskiego z XVIII -XX wieku by Pawel Komorowski.

2. Dzieje szabli w Polsce by Włodzimierz Kwasniewicz

3. Polska bron. Bron biala by Andrzej Nadolski

The buyer will be provided with a copy of the pages from the mentioned references, together with the certificate of authenticity.

CONDITION: The sword is in good condition considering its age, showing the age and usage. The blade and scabbard are slightly pitted, the brass central knuckle guard bent. The brass wire on the grip slightly loose because of age-related shrinkage of the wood hilt as is common with this natural material as an old wood. The upper suspension ring of the scabbard is a later replacement.

All of this is an aspect from a used antique combat sword that is approximate a 100-year-old. Please see the photos as they are a part of the description.


Overall length of the sword sheathed in the scabbard: 97.5 cm (38 25⁄64inches).

Overall length without the scabbard: 94 cm (37.01 inches).

Length of the blade: 80.2 cm (31 37⁄64inches)

Width of the blade at the widest point: 3.6 cm (1 27⁄64 inches).

Total weight: 1.709 kg (3 lb and 12.28 oz)

Provenance: This sword comes together with other antique Polish arms and armour from an old Canadian collection of Polish antiques and art including antique Polish arms and armour.

We had attached to the listing a picture of the swords in this collection which we had taken at the time of the purchasing of this collection, showing this sword together with other swords: the fourth sword from the top.

To see other rare objects from this collection including swords please view our store’s contents.

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