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SOLD Antique Turkish Ottoman Dagger Khanjar Islamic Jambiya 19th century


SOLD Authentic, Antique 19th century all steel Turkish Ottoman Ceremonial dagger Khanjar Islamic Jambiya of typical Ottoman form.

A steel hilt damascened on the outer face with gold inlaid Arabic script flanked by two rounded cartouches within a gold inlaid Turkish Ottomans Sultan tughra’s amid silver inlaid scrolls. The steel scabbard richly decorated with four gold inlaid cartouches one with Turkish Ottomans Sultan tughra and the other with gold inlaid Arabic writing among silver inlaid koftgari foliage. The inner side of the hilt and the scabbard is damascened with silver koftgari checkered pattern.

A curved double-edged broad steel blade, decorated on the both sides of the forte with gold and silver inlaid Arabic script and scrolls.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length of the Khanjar sheathed in the scabbard: 27.5cm (10 5/8 in).

CONDITION: The dagger is in very good condition considering its age, with minor wear.

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