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SOLD Antique Silver Spoon Miniature Enamel Portrait Wilhelm II by Turkish Ottoman Artist


SOLD Antique, circa 1900, portrait spoon made of gild silver, the bowl is splendidly hand painted, (Under magnification one can see the brushstrokes), in enamel with a miniature portrait depicting Emperor - Kaiser Wilhelm II, of Germany in his field uniform. The finial is decorated with, hand painted in enamel, the crowned Imperial German heraldic eagle, signed below in Arabic alphabet, most likely by a Turkish Ottoman artist, since, during the rein of Kaiser Wilhelm II there were very close political, economical and military ties between Ottoman Turkey and the German Empire.

CONDITION: In good condition showing its age and usage, bright areas on the portrait are light reflections, small nicks on the edge of the bowl.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 13.2 cm (5 1/4 in).

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