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SOLD Antique Silver Spoon Augustus The Strong King Of Poland & Polish Lithuanian Coat Of Arms


SOLD Superb quality Authentic Antique solid silver large serving spoon with Augustus the Strong, King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania and Elector of Saxony.

The stem of the spoon is formed on double sides with low relief and a very detailed standing figure of Augustus the Strong wearing plate armor with the order on his chest and the sash across the torso with ermine slung over his left shoulder, holding in his right hand a command baton, his left hand resting on the hilt of his sword, on his legs riding boots with spurs. The plinth is inscribed in Latin “Augustus II Rex Pol, Dux Sax Elect 1670-1733”.Translation in English: Augustus II King of Poland, Duke Elector of Saxony 1670-1733. Below an elaborate royal heraldic shield with the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth coat of arms. A Polish Crowned Eagle, and Lithuanian Pahonia -Vytis on opposite sides, and Saxon arms on the center, surmounted on the top by a crown.

The heart shaped spoon bowl is decorated with rococo foliage and stamped on the back with a three silver hallmarks. The hallmark has elaborate initials J. A. under the crown. A similar hallmark is published in the book: International Hallmarks on Silver by Tardy, on page 129 as Paris 1768-1774.

Similar silver hallmarks with the number 13 are also published in this reference as 18th century Austrian silver hallmarks. In these circumstances, we are not able to provide a country of origin of this spoon and the exact date when was made. However, we guarantee that the spoon is an authentic antique that is over 100 years old.

Overall length of the spoon: 26.7 cm (10.51 inches)
Width of the bowl: 8.5 cm. (3.35 inches)

WEIGHT: 144 grams (5.08 ounces)

CONDITION: Excellent, perfect in every way suitable for display or use

Link to Wikipedia, Augustus The Strong

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