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SOLD Antique Medieval 14t/15th Century European Knight Chain Mail Shirt Hauberk Armour


SOLD Superb Quality, Very Rare Antique, Medieval 14th -15th century, European knight (possibly made by a German Nuremberg armourer), chain mail shirt hauberk armour with short sleeves and an opening at the front. The mail is constructed of three types of rings. A solid iron, one piece, hammered, thick sturdy flattened rings, linked by alternating thinner hammered iron riveted rings and brass rings riveted by iron pins. The upper part of the front and the back are adorned with a triangular design form of brass riveted rings, there is also few individual one piece hammered thick brass rings and few individual unriveted brass rings connecting the iron rings. We do not know if the large brass split-rings, at the opening, are from the time period, or are possibly later replacements. The right sleeve is longer than the left sleeve, this different length of the sleeves is made designedly, since the left arm was protected by a shield and in the right hand the knight holds the sword, or lance, all rings on the sleeves are the same as on the shirt. Most, such high-quality mail shirts, hauberks, were made in Germany, by Nuremberg armourers, and they were very expensive, therefore, only wealthy knights could afford them.

A medieval mail hauberk, constricted with this type of iron rings and brass iron riveted rings are extremely rare. The only other known hauberk, constructed in the same way with similar iron rings to this one and brass rings riveted by iron pins, have a 14th century hauberk known as," the Sinigaglia hauberk" from the former Meyrick and Noel Paton collections, are now in The Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh, please see the last 7 pictures in the listing.

The Sinigaglia mail shirt, which is now in the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh and was in the Meyrick and Noel Paton collections, dates from the fourteenth century. Very little is known about its more recent history. Apparently, it was bought by a Jewish dealer from an ancient family in Sinigaglia, near Bologna, Italy, "In whose possession it had been beyond any of their records." So, it is possible that the Sinigaglia hauberk was made by a German Nuremberg armourer.

CONDITION: In very good condition, no tears, except for few missing connecting rings in some places, as can be an aspect from an old combat chain mail that is over 500 years old.

MEASUREMENTS: The dimensions are approximately measured, as displayed on a flat surface.

Length from top of the shoulder to the bottom): approximately 58 cm (22.84 inches)

Distance between the ends of sleeves: 132 cm (51.97 inches)

Distance between the ends of the bottom edge of the shirt: approximately 59 cm (23.23 inches)

Weight (approximately): 7.26 Kg (16 lb.)

The display stand, which is in the picture, is a prop, and is not included with the chain mail.

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