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SOLD Antique late 19th century Islamic Turkish Ottoman Army Officer’s Sword


SOLD A scarce Antique, late 19th century, Islamic Turkish Ottoman army officer’s sword in German style as worn by a Turkish Officer’s during the First World War.

DETAILS: A brass, “B” shaped hilt, with down – turned quillon, with a pair of shield form langets, bearing on the outer side an Ottoman crescent and star, and the initials “TC” on the inner side. Ribbed horn bound with roped wire, back-strap surmounted by a ring for the tassel. A slightly curved, single - edged, blade with a false edge, cut on each face with fuller. In its original white metal (Alpaca?) scabbard with two brass suspension mounts and brass shoe.

CONDITION: Showing its age and usage, the steel blade slightly worn, minor dents in the scabbard.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length in the scabbard: 93.5 cm (36.81 inches. Overall length without the scabbard: 91.8cm (36.14 inches).

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