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SOLD Antique Jerusalem Palestinian Mother-of-Pearl Diorama Icon Last Supper


SOLD Antique circa 1900 A.D. Jerusalem, Palestinian Large Mother-of-Pearl Diorama Icon Finely Carved and Engraved depicting the Last Supper

An outstanding antique diorama of the last supper depicting Jesus with his original twelve disciples based on Leonardo da Vinci’s painting in Milan, Italy. The decoration is exceptionally fine and exquisite, the carving of the mother of pearl is carefully, patiently, and passionately executed to achieve depth three dimensionally. The fine details to all cotenant of the scene including the room’s walls with pierced windows, elaborate textiles including the clothing and the table sheet, the borders ornately carved with floral motifs.

Since the image had been executed on hard mother of pearl, it makes it evident as a suburb example that shows the level of excellence that these masters had reached on producing exceptionally high quality carvings on mother of pearl material, for the figures that represent Jesus Christ and the original twelve disciples is clearly noticeable throughout their facial expressions and one can clearly see their emotions and feelings also through their body language, positions, and their physical gestures, all that was done to achieve high impact on viewers.


For a similar example please see: El Arte Palestino De Tallar El Nacar (The Palestinian Art of Mother-of-Pearl Carving), by Enrique Jidi Daccarett, Karen David Dacccarett & Martha Lizcano Angarita
pages 52 & 63.

CONDITION: Excellent.

DIMENSIONS: 21 cm x 18 cm (8.27 inches x 7.09 inches).

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