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SOLD Antique Japanese Samurai Katana sword 19th century Meiji Period Kyu-gunto


SOLD Rare pattern of the Antique Japanese 19th century Meiji Period Officer's Kyu-gunto Katana sword (most likely an early Navy Sword), with a large brass “D” shaped guard decorated with cherry blossom and leaf cluster, a helmet pommel with engraved moon on the top. The wooden grip is covered in Ray skin and wrapped in twisted copper wire. The old Samurai Katana blade is with visible hamon, the original old tang was reshaped to fit to the Kyu-gunto hilt with its original worn out old copper habaki and seppa. The wooden scabbard, original to the sword, is covered with its original black lacquered leather with Kyu-gunto mounting with engraved brass furniture with two suspension rings.

CONDITION: Surface pitting and scratches, few small nicks. Blade slightly bent on one third of the length from the tip, habaki soldered on the edge.

MEASUREMENTS (approximately):

The overall length in the scabbard is: 89.5cm (35 1/4 in).

The overall length of the sword without the scabbard: 23 cm (9 1/8 in).

The overall length of the blade with the tang 85.7 cm (33 3/4 in).

The cutting length of the blade: 66.7 cm (26 1/4 in).

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