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SOLD Antique Japanese Dagger Tanto In Bone Mounts 19th Century Meiji


SOLD Antique late 19th century Meiji period good quality Japanese dagger tanto, with ox bone mounts. Handle and scabbard finely hand carved in relief with Japanese figures in various pursuits pine strewn, and cloud scrolls. Slightly curved single edged very sharp steel blade with small brass habaki and lobed shape carved bone tsuba.

CONDITION: The dagger is in good condition considering its age, to be over 100 years old, showing the age and usage, blade with some scratches, bottom of the scabbard with minor crack. Please notice that the pictures in the listing are part of the description of the condition of the object.


Overall length of the dagger sheathed in the scabbard: 33 cm (12.99 inches).

Overall length without the scabbard: 28.7 cm (11.3 inches)

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