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SOLD Antique Islamic Horse Saddle Cover 19th c


SOLD Antique 19th century Central Asian Islamic nomad horse saddle cover superbly made of the premium red calico fabric and covered with elaborate silk embroidery. The needlework is characteristic of the workshops of Resht on the southern end of the Caspian Sea. The textile products of Resht were renowned all over Central Asia. This type horse covers were made for a very rich horseman’s.

CONDITION: This horse cover is an authentic antique Central Asian horse cover, and not a modern tourist piece like most on the market, the cover was well used so it is worn and dirty with some minor torn spots and a few small holes in the fabric which can be expected from an over 100 year old cloth, but is still in pretty good shape with most of the fringes intact.

Dimensions: 155cm (61 inches) by 134 .5cm (53 inches).

REFERENSES: Cavalieri D’Oriente by Taher Sabahi Milano- Palazzo Della Regione 1992. This rare antique Horse cover comes from a private collection of antique horse covers, saddles, stirrups, and other horse equipment.

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