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SOLD Antique Indo Persian Sword Firangi 17th century


SOLD Antique 17th century circa 1650, Indian Mughal horseman’s sword Firangi. The name Firangi is derived from Frank (Western Foreigner), and was given to these swords in the 17 Century by Indians, as the blades for these swords were imported European blades, which were highly valued. Details: A long straight single edged steel blade of European origin with three fullers, mounted in the classical Khanda form iron hilt with a guard and pommel spike..

REFERENCES: “THE INDIAN SWORD” by P.S. Rawson, “ARMS AND ARMOUR TRADITIONAL WEAPONS OF INDIA” by E. Jawant Poul, “A Glossary of The Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor” By George Cameron Stone

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 113 cm (46 1/2 inches), length of the blade 90.8 cm (35 3/4 inches).CONDITION: A sign of usage and wear, the blade and hilt pitted which can be expected from an over 300 year old sword.

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