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SOLD Antique Indo Persian Islamic Sword Shamshir Talwar Tulwar 18th century Mughal India


SOLD Antique Indo - Persian, Islamic sword, shamshir, Talwar - Tulwar 18th century Mughal India.

DETAILS: An iron hilt of typical 18th century Northern Indian Islamic type, with a bellied grip that runs down to form short quillons and long shaped langets, with a large saucer – shaped pommel.

A broad sturdy, curved single edged Watered Damascus steel blade of kilij form with fullers and yelmen, deeply stamped on the forte with maker's mark.

CONDITION: Signs of usage and wear.

MEASUREMENTS: overall length: 85.3cm (33 5/8 in) length of the blade: 73 cm (28 3/4 in)

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