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SOLD Antique Indo - Persian Islamic Arab Sword Shamshir Kilij


SOLD Antique Islamic Arab sword with 18th century Indo Persian blade.

DETAILS: An 18th century, curved, single edged, Damascus steel Persian blade of kilij form, cut on each side with a long shallow fuller and yelmen, chiselled at the forte with cartouche containing a classical Persian lion figure. A hilt of typical Bedouin Arabic manner, with crudely made brass crossguard and wooden grip is a later addition, most likely of early 20th century. The scabbed, made of two pieces of wood with a carved central grove on the inner side, is old and most likely made in the same period as the blade, the leather cover is contemporary to the hilt.

CONDITION: Signs of usage and wear, since the blade has a surface pitting, the Damascus pattern is purely visible. The mouth of the wooden scabbard is chipped, leather worn in several places. The blade was, at some time, broken, and repaired in a remarkable way; the two parts were shaped so that each part is connected and the middle of the blade welded and riveted by two rivets, however, tapped by the finger it makes a very fine sound, characteristic for the Damascus steel, wootz, blades.

Since the blade was repaired in such a remarkable way, it is giving the conclusion that it must have represented a high value to the owner.

Please note that high carbonated Damascus steel blades do not bend or spring as do most of the blades made of regular steel, but will break when forced to bend. Over the years I have seen several broken Damascus steel blades.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length of the sword, sheathed in the scabbard: 89 cm (35 in). Overall length without the scabbard: 88.6cm (34 7/8 in).

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