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SOLD Antique Indian Sword Talwar Tulwar Shamshir 18th Century Islamic Mughal India.


SOLD Antique Indian sword, Talwar/Tulwar, 18th century Islamic Mughal India.

DETAILS: The iron hilt is of characteristic form comprised of a cross-guard formed with a pair of quillons with the terminals in the form of cusped palmettes and long shaped langets with a large saucer – shaped pommel, with an elegant helmet shaped finial, pierced with a hole for suspension of the tassel; the steel hilt is entirely hand chiseled in distinguishing Mughal floral pattern. Slightly curved, single - edged, sturdy and heavy blade with a false edge – yelmen, cut on each face with full – length fuller bordered by two narrow grooves.

CONDITION: The sword is in good condition considering that its age to be of 250 years, with minor pitting.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 85 cm (33.47 inches). Length of the blade: 72 cm (28.35 inches).

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