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SOLD Antique Indian Ritual Sword With Vijayanagar Hilt 17th-19th century India


SOLD A very rare antique 17th-19th century Indian Ritual short sword with the Vijayanagar form brass hilt cast in low relief, including grip of waisted form decorated with distinguishing Mughal style floral sprays and incorporates a solid spherical knop in the middle. Lower finials terminated in elephants heads the upper finials with the terminals in the form of tiger’s heads and adorned on the middle with the finial in the form of the head of a man with mean with mustache and Turban.

Straight double-edged blade with spear point, and serrated edges end, etched on each side with five panels depicting anthropomorphic figures with animal heads most likely an Hindu deity’s, the spear point etched with flowers.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 59 cm (23.23 inches).

CONDITION: In good condition considering its age (showing its age and usage).

REFERENCES: An Indian swords with similar Vijayanagar form cast brass hilt dated to 17th century are published in the book Hindu Arms and Ritual by R.Elgoods, Page. 124. It is possible that the older blade was replaced in the 19th century on the current one.

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