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SOLD Antique Imperial Turkish Ottoman Silver Islamic Dagger Scabbard Set with Gems 18th century


SOLD Antique 18th century Turkish Ottoman silver dagger scabbard (apparently unmarked) in the Ottoman Imperial manner, with finely chased and incised floral and vine decoration, all against a ring matted ground, and a stylized palm finial. A gold gilt silver upper mount (locket), with beaded work, set with green and red gems. These types of luxury items were made for Turkish Aristocracy in Ottoman Imperial manufactures in Istanbul during the 17th -18th century, by the best silver and goldsmiths.

CONDITION: The scabbard is in very good condition.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 19.7 cm (7 3/4 in).

WEIGHT: 67grams (2 3/8 troy oz)

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