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SOLD Antique Gold Gilded Silver Post - Byzantine Orthodox Reliquary Cross Encolpion


SOLD Antique, 17th - 18th century, partially gold - gilt silver, Post - Byzantine, orthodox reliquary cross (Encolpion), of very unusual box-like construction composed from several elements of cast and hand chased in low relief solid silver.

The gold gilded obverse finely hand chased in low relief with figure of Christ on the cross, the reverse chased with cross decorated with niello inlaid geometric patterns, on its original chain with links of unusual double form. Each link is handmade and soldered.

MEASUREMENTS: 4.8 cm x 4.3 cm x 1.1cm. (1.89 inches x 1.69 inches x 0.43 inches)

Overall length in the single string from end to end: 76.2 cm (30 inches).

Overall length in the double string: 38.1 cm (15 inches).

CONDITION: In its original condition, showing the age and usage, slightly worn with minute scratches.

WEIGHT: 47 grams (1.66 ounces.)

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