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SOLD Antique French Hussar French Revolution Napoleonic Wars Napoleon Cavalry Sabre


SOLD Antique, late 18th century, French hussar sword from the French revolution Period, 1789-1792, (but used throughout the Napoleonic Wars).

DETAILS: A plain brass stirrup hilt with a solid knuckle bow joined to the lion’s head pommel, a pair of long langets, downcurved rear quillon, retaining its original wooden grip bound with twisted wire. A slightly curved single edged blade, cut with a broad full-length fuller and a slender fuller along the back-edge. In its original brass scabbard with two suspension rings, fitted with rectangular panels lined with black leather.

CONDITION: Showing the age and usage, the brass scabbard is with minor dents and old repair, blade corroded.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length with the scabbard: 90.1cm (35 1/2 in), overall length without the scabbard: 88.5 cm (34 7/8 in)

This particular model of saber with lion’s head pommel, with many variations, was used through the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars by the French Cavalry.

REFERENCES: Les Armes Blamches De La Revolution, by JEAN-Pierre Martin.

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