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SOLD Antique Filipino Moro Islamic Sword Kampilan


SOLD Antique 19th century Filipino Mindanao -Moro Islamic large Sword Kampilan. It comprises long and very sharp single-edged finely hand forged Damascus steel blade, with a visible watered pattern widening toward its tip elaborately shaped with terminal spikes and pierced with holes. A hard wood hilt with a cross-guard and forked pommel in the form of the stylized open crocodile’s jaws carved with traditional Okir motifs the grip bound with rattan strips.

The kampilan is a weapon mostly used by the Muslim Maguindanao people on Mindanao island.


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CONDITION: The sword is in good condition considering its age of over 100 years


Overall length: 100 cm (39.37 inches)
Blade length: 73.5 cm (28 15⁄16 inches)

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