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SOLD Antique Dagger Ceylonese Sinhalese Ppiha - kaetta Knife Piha - Kaetta & Scabard


SOLD Antique 18th century Ceylonese Sinhalese nobleman dagger (Ppiha - kaetta

Piha – Kaetta.

A single edged robust steel blade with fuller along the back edge. The forte and spine of the blade are heavily encrusted in silver with scrolling foliage, encased on each side with chased low-grade silver alloy bolster panels, over the base, decorated with finely chased floral and vine scrolling foliage, with finely carved horn grip. In its wood scabbard with fluted silver locket and chapes. The dagger is accompanied by a "stylus" (scarce) with steel and brass pike and finely chiseled silver handle.

These elaborately decorated knives are usually the product of the Pattal-hatara (four workshops), the blades being supplied by smiths. This was a mainly hereditary corporation of the best craftsmen who worked exclusively for the king in Kandy. Originally there was only one pattala but this was subsequently divided into sections which included a Randaku pattala (golden sword armoury or workshop). As well as being worn by courtiers, these knives were given by the king to nobles and to the temples.


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CONDITION: The blade with rust pitted spots. A thin crack in the handle and some losses to the silver cover of the scabbard.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length in the scabbard from the top point of the “stylus" to the end of chape: 24 cm (9 3/8 in). Overall length without the scabbard: 20.6 cm (8 1/8 in).

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