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SOLD Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Yixing Pewter Mounted Tea Set


SOLD Antique, late 19th century, Chinese Qing dynasty, black Yixing ceramic pewter-mounted 4-piece tea set. All four pieces have matching hand-crafted pewter casing decorated with horned Qiulong dragon with finely engraved body and copper inlaid eyes. The pewter spout of the larger teapot is fashioned into the head of an elephant with raised trunk fitted on the end with copper plate. Signed on the bottom with the seal mark. The base of the pewter mountings impressed Hor Chung Weihaiwei Trade.

The largest teapot measures approximately 18 cm (7.09 inches) from spout to back, and 9 cm (3.54 inches) in height, including finial of the lid.

Condition: The body of each piece in very good condition, with no cracks or restoration. Two chips on the rim of the inner collar of the smaller teapot lid, the inner collar of the sugar bowl lid with large chip.

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