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SOLD Antique Chinese Liao Dynasty Proto Porcelain Yue ware Celadon Censer Incense Burner 907-1125 AD


SOLD Antique Chinese Liao Dynasty (907-1125 AD) proto-porcelain celadon Yue ware tripod censer potted of globular form supported on three cabriole legs and set at each side with a mask flanked by a pair of square tab handles rising above a lion-mask, the pierced top surmounted by crested lizard.

The characteristic feature:

1. The censer is Yue ware, celadon proto porcelain; Yue yao was made only from Eastern Han Dynasty in to Song Dynasty Period and not continue to be made leather.

2. The censer is made in one piece (the cover is not removable) for the burning incense sticks with the thirteen small holes on the top to place the incense sticks.

3. The spots with calcified mineral deposits strongly visible on the surface are strong and excellent indicators and proof of the authenticity of this piece.

CONDITION: there are no cracks or repairs.

MEASUREMENTS: Height: 12.7 cm (5 in). Width: 15 cm (6 in).

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