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SOLD Antique Chinese Ching Dynasty porcelain Biscuit Figure of Lu Xing Immortal


SOLD Antique Chinese Ching Dynasty porcelain Biscuit-glazed figure of one of the three immortals, Lu Xing god of Wealth and Prosperity represented as a court official standing on a rectangular plinth, dressed in a long cobalt blue robe decorated with a pattern depicting a Dragon Amidst the Clouds, wearing a high cap decorated on the front with a Ruyi head motive suspending two tassels falling over the shoulder, and holding in his left hand a ceremonial scepter, Ru Yi. The base is signed by the maker with four impressed Chinese characters.

Most of the Chinese Biscuit figures are hollow, this particular one is hand sculptured with fine details, made of solid weighty porcelain.

HEIGHT: 13 cm (5 1/8 in).

CONDITION: Very good overall condition with no damage, or repairs. The line visible on the base is a natural fire crack formed during the firing in the kiln.

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