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SOLD Antique American War of 1812 Light Artillery Sabre – Sword


SOLD Antique American War of 1812, Light Artillery Sabre - Sword.A plain brass stirrup hilt with a knuckle bow, shield shaped langets, downcurved rear quillon swelling at the tip and retaining the original ribbed leather covered grip made without wire. A broad slightly curved single edged blade cut with a wide full-length fuller, German Import blade deeply stamped on the riccaso, P. KNECHT. In its original brass scabbard with two suspension rings and iron shoe.


American Swords from the Philip Medicus Collection: Philip Medicus, Stuart C. Mowbray, Norm Flayderman Page 154.Plate 73g.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length with the scabbard: 94 cm (37 in), the length without the scabbard: 90 cm (35 1/2 in).

CONDITION: the sword is in good condition showing its age and usage, minor dents to the scabbard.

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