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SOLD Antique American Masonic Knights Templar Lodge Freemason Sword


SOLD Authentic Antique, American Masonic Knights Templar York Rites Lodge Freemason ceremonial sword. An elaborate hilt with, a highly decorated cross-guard with quillons cut out with Maltese Cross and adorned on the center with an oval shield with Ancient Constantin Holy Cross in Crown , enclosed by motto "In Hoc Signo Vinces", which translates to "In This Sign You Will Conquer", with ebonized wood grip , adorned with elaborate cross and surmounted by silver plated Knight’s plumed helmet pommel engraved with the Cypher, and a Knights Templar Cross on the reverse side.

A straight double-edged blade etched at the forte with the sword maker M.C. Lilley & Co Columbus Ohio. The M.C Lilley Co. was founded in the mid-1860. The marking was used between 1882 & 1925. The blade id etched with scenes depicts the Knights of Templers jousting the Saracens in the Holy Land, flanked by Saracen castle and Templers tents on the right, a standing Templar Knight in armour holding a banner, panels of martial trophies, and the mounted knight in the gate of Jerusalem. The other side of the blade is etched on the center with the owner's name Clyde Markland ,flanked by Compass & Square, Ancient Cross in Crown and the Maltese Cross, the ricasso etched with armour and martial trophies, The symbol of the Skull and Crossbones within the motto "MEMENTO MORI” and the Cross in Crown on the forte.

A nickel-plated steel scabbard with silver-plated elaborated mounting with suspensions rings, decorated with Knights Templar Cross and cypher.


Overall length with the scabbard: 101.5 cm (39.96 inches).
Overall length without scabbard: 99 cm (38.98 inches).

CONDITION: In good condition considering its age (showing its age and usage), the nickel-plating on the scabbard is slightly flaking with some pitted spots which can be aspect from an antique sword.

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