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SOLD Antique Alhambra Grenada Panel Mihrab With Arabic Verses From Quran


SOLD Authentic antique, superb quality, late 19th century, polychrome gesso panel of rectangular form, Alhambra, Granada ,Al-Andalus, لأندلس, Spain.

The Panel is finely carved in relief in great details, painted and gilt with a deep niche (mihrab) in Alhambra mosque, adorned with typical Nasrid decoration surrounded entirely with Verses from the Quran inscribed in Arabic calligraphy, larger along the edges and with very small letters around the arch of the mihrab.

The reverse of the panel is stamped with two stamps with Spanish writing, one bears the name of the famous Spanish photographer from Grenada “Garzon” Alhambra Granada. 1863 -1923.
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There is also an illegible signature signed in pencil, with 92 below, possibly a date 1892.

Contained in a brown wood display case with glass.

The cardboard backing of the case has an applied paper label, 'CHARLES D. SOAR, 1 SUSSEX VILLAS, KENSINGTON W., - PRACTICAL CARVER & GILDER, PICTURE FRAME MAKER AND ARTISTS'.

Records show that 'Charles David soar' was one of the most reputable British frame makers and operated his business at this address from 1883-1906.

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Mihrab (Arabic: محراب‎ miḥrāb, pl. محاريب maḥārīb) is a semicircular niche in the wall of a mosque that indicates the qibla; that is, the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, and hence the direction that Muslims should face when praying. The wall in which a mihrab appears is thus the "qibla wall."

MEASUREMENTS: Dimensions with the frame: 33.8 cm x 21.2 cm (13 .31 inches x 8.35 inches).

CONDITION: In excellent condition, with no chips, cracks or repairs.

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