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SOLD Antique 19th Century Polish Leather Money Belt Pas Trzos Krakowski


SOLD A very rare, Museum Quality, antique, 19th century, Polish leather money belt from the Krakow region, Pas Trzos Krakowski. A wide belt made of brown leather, when specially folded it forms a pocket along its length, the exterior adorned on the both ends with large panels of leather with cut - work design of stars and diamond pattern on a red felt background, decorated with domed brass studs, perforated tacks, and highlighted with embroidered design. The belt is with its original brass buckle with iron pin.

An almost identical belt is in the collection of The National Museum in Krakow (Polish: Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie), Dom Jana Matejki. This belt was in the collection of the famous 19th century Polish Painter Jan Matejko.

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There are only three, world known, existing authentic antique 19th century Krakow Trzos Belts, one in The National Museum in Kraków, the second in The Ethnographic Museum in Cracow and the third is ours. They are so rare because when they got old and the leather got damaged the belt was not suitable for use and they were thrown out. There is also a fourth similar Trzos belt but from the Lenczyca region in the collection of The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography in Lodz Poland.

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They are still generated by artisan in Poland Folk Trzos Belts in a Krakow style.

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CONDITION: Signs of usage with some age wear overall, including: leather, fabric, and embroidery, leather slightly worn and a bit dried with age, absence of the leather strap for fastening.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length including brass buckle: 76cm (29.9 inches). Width: 17.78 cm (7 inches).

Provenance: Acquired from an important collection of Polish antiques, including Polish arms and armour.

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