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SOLD Antique 19th century Ethiopian -Abyssinian Menelik II Imperial guard sword GURADE


SOLD Antique 19th century Ethiopian -Abyssinian Imperial guard sword (GURADE) of the Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia. DETAILS: The hilt of characteristic form formed of the cylindrical Rhino horn grip, irregular pommel is nod made of the rhino horn us the grip but of the buffalo horn and adorned on the top with domed brass cap engraved in typical Ethiopian pattern. A German made extremely long slightly curved single edged steel blade, cut with a broad full-length fuller and a slender fuller along the back-edge

Finely etched on the inner side with floral sprays and panoply of arms and armor and the central panel Inscribed in Amharic “MENELIK” flanked with the symbol of the Ethiopian monarchy ‘Lion of Judah', the ricasso engraved with Ge'ez, script.

On the opposite side, the blade is etched with floral sprays and panoply of arms and armor, the central panel is finely with St George Fighting the Dragon with Amharic inscription “ST GEORGE” stamped on the ricasso with the trade mark and the initials “G.G”.

The Quality of this blade is a step above the majority of Ethiopian GURADE swords blades.

This type of the height quality blades were especially made in Germany for the member of the Imperial guard of the Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia and presented as a diplomatic gift to Emperor Menelik II himself or to the nobles of his court.

During the reign of the Emperor Menelik II, (9 March 1889 – 12 December 1913) Ethiopia is known to have had diplomatic relations with the Imperial Germany and Austria.

CONDITION: The sword is in good condition considering its age

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 95 cm (37 3/8 in).Length of the blade: 82 cm (32 1/4 in).

REFERENCES: comparable Swords: The Thomas Del Mar Catalogue London 29 June 2011 lot 114. Sold for £3120 another similar sword is in The Thomas Del Mar Catalogue London 7 December 2011 lot 59 at the price £ 1000-1500.

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