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SOLD Antique 19th century A.H. 1216 (1801 A.D.) Turkish Ottoman Islamic Sword Yatagan


SOLD Antique 19th century Turkish Ottoman Islamic Sword Yatagan with a characteristic ear shaped hilt mounted in alloy of white metal.

A recurved single edged blade with a narrow fuller and chased on the spine with a groove, richly ornamented on one face with four silver inlaid cartouches enclosed scripts in Arabic calligraphy and dated A.H. 1216 (1801 A.D.) the other side is silver inlaid with intricate palmettes design. In its wooden scabbard, bounded in dark blue velvet fabric and fitted with a large iron chape and locked.

CONDITION: The sword is in good condition considering its age, signs of usage and wear; the silver inlaid on the blade is in very good condition and well visible; the metal straps between the grip scales damaged and filled with patches; the velvet fabric is worn and stained; the chape is with dents and knocks. All of this can be an aspect from a 213 years old combat sword.

Overall length with the scabbard: 79.7 cm (31 2/8 inches).
Overall length without scabbard: 71 cm (28 inches).

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