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SOLD Antique 18th century Hungarian Partisan Guard of the City Eperies Prešov in Slovakia


SOLD A Rare Antique, early 18th century, dated 1711, Hungarian Partisan head, made for the Guard of the council of the city of Eperies now Presov Slovakia

Details: Extremely well made of hand forged steel, with double-edged tapering blade with medial ridge, and thickened point, with a pair of shaped, and pierced with four holes, side-lugs. The lower half of the head engraved on one side with a panorama of the city Eperies, with the Hungarian name of the city EPERIES above. The other side is engraved with a coat-of-arms, (possibly of the governor of the city or the commander of the guard), enclosed by laurel and palm, and the date 1711 below. The head has an integral tapering octagonal socket interrupted by two collars and a pair of long straps.

This particular partisan, from the city Eperies - Prešov, is an extremely rare example, and we were not able to find any record of a similar partisan in Hungarian, Slovakian or other world museums and collections, so we suppose, that this is only one example which survived to the present day.

Also, since the partisan is made extremely well with artistically executed elaborate engravings, then it must have been made for the commander, or higher officer, of the Guard of the governor of the city of Eperies. The regular partisans from this period of time were not made as well as this one, and the decoration on those partisans were not engraved, but acid etched.

Overall length including straps: 77cm. (30 1/4 in).

CONDITION: Showing the age and usage, slightly pitted, however, in good condition considering its age of over 300 years.

To view a similar panorama of the city of Eperies - Prešov of the late 17th century (1686) etching please view the links below:

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