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SOLD Antique 18th century Hanau German Faience Jug


SOLD Antique 18th century circa 1720 German pewter – mounted blue and white Hanau faience Enghalskrug. A horizontally ribbed neck with a baluster body painted with two large floral arrangements fitted with a pewter base and hinged domed lid with ball thumbpiece. According to Morley-Fletcher, during the early 18th century Hanau faience jugs of this distinguished pattern were painted by the artist Johann Wilhelm Zirkel.

REFERENCES: Another similar Hanau Enghalskrug is in the Pflueger collection published in the book “Early European Porcelain & Faience as Collected by Kiyi and Edward Pflueger” by Hugo Morley-Fletcher. Volume II, Page 205.

MEASUREMENTS: Height. 31.5cm (12 3/8inches) to top of lid.

Condition: Some hair cracks and minor glaze flaking to the handle, no repairs or restorations.

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