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SOLD Antique 18th century American Revolutionary War Sword Naval Cutlass


SOLD Authentic antique 18th century naval cutlass sword. DETAILS: A simple iron stirrup-shaped hilt with downturned quilion and with large shell guard and small downturned oval guard on the inner side with shaped horn grip with curved single -edged blade cut with a wide fuller over most of its length on each side.

REFERENSES: For similar swords see:

1)"Historic American Swords" by Howard R.Crouch, "American Swords from the Philip Medicus Collection" by Norm Flayderman. Page 174 -175.

2)"Battle Weapons of the American Revolution" by George. C.Neumann. Page 362.

3)"Weapons of the American Revolution and Accoutrement" by Warren Moore .Page 165.

4)"Swords Blades of the American Revolution" by George C.Neumann. Page 182-183.

5) Boarders Away, With Steel: Edged Weapons and Polearms of the Classical Age of Fighting Sail, 1626-1826 by William Gilkerson. Page 77.

CONDITION: In its original condition showing the age and usage, blade bent with a dark rusty patina, nicks on the edge - signs of participation in the battlefield. Horn grip chipped, with old crack.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length with the scabbard: 89.8cm (35 3/8 in). Length of the blade: 76.7 cm (30 1/4 in).

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